The Deal

Every man knows at least one such woman. Or two. That girl from college, the estate/neighborhood or the village who used to make heads turn. She was explosively beautiful whose beauty defied convention. She had everything in place, physically speaking. A subject of many an adolescent and youthful wet dreams and other soap-jelly perverted fantasies of young men. She was a natural and universally accepted that she was too stunning, it hurt.

Then something happened. It could be time. Biology. A toxic pregnancy. An abortion. An abusive relationship. Heck, even marriage. Whatever! It wrecked her looks so irreparably bad, it is unbelievable. It could be entirely out of her own doing or forces beyond her. But that is not the matter here.

Where she had a flawlessly, smooth skin now exists visible freckles almost making a leopard skin out of her. You will think that mosquitoes dine on her forehead…

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