10 Things I have learnt from parties

The Deal

Advice to all people dating: DON’T EVER GO TO A PARTY WITH YOUR GIRLFRIEND. Thank me later.

In party, the balcony is a place for making out. And a quickie for the extremely randy. And the car can just be as useful. And here are ten other very useful things from I have gathered from parties…

10. You can tell your age and class group, by the type of drinks on the table

Blue moon. Smirnoff Vodka and other drinks mostly in clear bottles that go for less than 1,200 point probably to a shindig for college kids or unemployed youths. You will probably run out it along the way. There will be guys there who drink too much but cannot contribute towards buying that extra bottle at about 10.33 pm. Plenty weed will be there to supply the new high. The ladies in these kind of parties are shady…

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