SHOCKER: Men Don’t Really Compare Penis Sizes

Thought Catalog

My initial response to this piece, written by the estimable Kat George, was simply, “Cock-Sharing???” I’ve always assumed women are more comfortable naked around each other than men are – which is probably another indication that men and women don’t know shit about each other. This unfortunate fact dates back only to the beginning of time, but I believe we can bridge the divide with some honest dialogue.

Never in my life have I felt moved to compare dicks with another male, whether openly or surreptitiously. I’ve always been transfixed by the female form. When I was about four years old, my mom and aunt took me swimming, and since I was so small they took me into the women’s bathroom with them. My aunt made the mistake of changing right in front of inquisitive little me, and I spent the rest of the day asking, loud as shit…

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