An Open Letter to Kenyans: 12 Suggestions on Shit We Should Do or Not Do in 2014

Walubengo's Den



1. Phone etiquette. This means phone manners. If you call someone and they don’t pick up, don’t call again. They will call you back. If not, get the message. If you feel that they might have not seen your call, text them. If they don’t reply, please don’t text again asking why they haven’t replied. That is a cycle which leads to insanity and psychotic behaviour. Don’t use your phone while:

a. Driving (Can’t believe I have to say this)

b. On a date

c. In a meeting

d. In an interview

e. When you’ve just been introduced to some people who can take your life, career or business further.

2. Courtesy. Simple good manners will go a long way. Fucking saying please and thank you show you are civilised. Fucking not interrupting people when they are speaking shows that you are listening, not just waiting to talk. Giving…

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