Kenyan Alcoholics Daily Ritual of Drinking and Running is a Marvel to Behold

Hilariously Kenyan!….:)

the peculiar kenyan

 “When citizens exhibit a flagrant disregard of morality and law, societies quickly crumble.” – Anonymous


Munene Kilongi


It is universally known that we are the only people on earth who in times of peace can outrun people in a war zone. But nothing comes near to the spectacle of watching a Kenyan drunk on the run, his spindly legs begging gravity and the alcohol on his head to cooperate for a ‘worthy’ cause – the act of running.


On a wet and frosty August morning the masses wake early as usual heading to work. Some divert to the nearest bar for a quickie drink. Before the jobless army makes its daily rendezvous to the most popular hangout for youth in this nation – the local pub.


Hopes and dreams are growing dimmer by the day as the social and economic weather ruthlessly spanks ordinary Kenyans. Now…

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